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Hand-made rugs manufactured from natural fibers have been highly popular for their performance. However, these kinds of rugs have been higher-end rugs priced above what an average household pays. The other classification of rug would be machine-made. It would be pertinent to mention here that machine-made rugs have been largely affordable. There have been great options made available in machine-made rugs over the past years. Several rugs would rival a hand-made rug in durability and beauty, especially when coupled with the right fiber.

It would not be wrong to suggest that technology has come a long way. However, when it comes to home décor, you would come across synthetic material better than what nature has provided already. Rest assured that natural rug fibers would be your best choice for home decor needs. For home décor, would you consider a leather sofa or a synthetic plastic leather sofa? Would you look forward to using cotton sheets or unnatural or sweaty rayon?

Would you look forward to using furniture manufactured from quality hardwood or pressboard with a wood-like finish? It would also be applicable when the time comes for an area rug for your home décor needs.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing a fiber from which a machine-made rug has been manufactured, consider the value you would get from that rug. A majority of common fibers have been used in the present day jute rugs along with other natural fibers such as cotton or wool. There has also been a great demand in the use of synthetic fibers inclusive of man-made-silk, olefin, nylon, and blends of such synthetic products. However, with the change in the economy, several rug manufacturers have started using more polypropylene or olefin fibers. It would be pertinent to mention here that such fibers have been the least expensive to use in the manufacturing of area rugs.

The recent trends in area rugs have brought forth several branded names of rug makers resorting to the usage of less expensive olefin fiber in their area rugs. However, with the rise in oil prices, inferior fibers have become the norm for most rugs that you find on the market presently. Despite it is sad to see several inferior synthetic fiber rugs selling for the same price as better or superior fibers were sold, it would not provide comfort as natural fibers have started to become more affordable.

It would be pertinent to mention here that natural fibers have been deemed the best fibers for area rugs. Rest assured that natural fiber rugs would have less impact on the environment. Natural fibers are green and outlast several synthetic fiber rugs twice over. Nonetheless, if you were looking forward to having a synthetic fiber rug, ensure it has been man-made-silk or nylon. It would provide you with the best value in synthetics. If you have an option, consider staying away from synthetic fibers and choosing natural fibers. It would provide you with the best overall value for your area rug’s decoration needs.

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