A Good Investment in Your Eye Health

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Spending hours on a computer for business or leisure can increase the need for glasses
for the computer. The glasses are specifically designed to be used when working in
front of a computer screen. They offer many benefits and come in a variety of options
and designs to fit the owner’s personality.


Computer users can achieve benefits through the use of computer glasses. They are
specially designed and aid in keeping the user focusing on the screen. One of
the advantages is the reduction of Computer Vision Syndrome which includes eye
strain, blurred vision, and red eyes. An additional plus is the eyeglasses aid in the
reduction of headaches from eye strain. Fashioned to filter blue light they support in
protecting the retina from its damaging effects. A further gain is the elimination of glare
from the computer screen leading to less eye stress providing the user with a decrease
in dry or watery eyes. A decline in the computer produced migraines is another
advantage that can be achieved. Another benefit to be earned is increased sleep by
adding to eliminate disruptions in sleep that occur from hours of strain on the eyes.
Other benefits can be felt in both the neck and back reducing pain from tension caused
by eye strain. Many jobs and hobbies can find positive outcomes when using the
eyewear. It can be beneficial to anything that requires the eyes to focus and pay close
attention to detail from hobbies to careers such as accounting and statistics to design
and journalism. The glasses will come in handy for all to use.

Options and Designs

There are a wide variety of options to choose from on glasses designed for computer
users. The first option is the type of lens. Four types of lenses are available single
vision, bifocal, trifocal, and progressive addition lenses. Lenses also come in three
distinct types called Book, Desk, and Room. Each of these contains a different distance
measurement that are designed to work best. Book can be used at a space between 0
to 3 feet. Desk is best for 0 to 6.5 feet from the screen. Room is greatest optimized for 0
to 13 feet enable the user to move around as needed. The lens style will differ based on
individual needs. The spectacles also come in a variety of designs. One such design
difference is in the size of the frames. The proportions derive in two groups adult or
child. An added appearance classification for the eyewear features three choices
ranging from men’s, women’s, and non-gender specific. The frames come in a wide
array of colors. The glasses can be found with a varied price range depending on the
options and designs desired.

There are many reasons to purchase a pair of eyewear to use when working with
computers. The options and designs provide a chance to show off your personality and
individuality. No matter the reason all can enjoy the benefits.

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