Common Business Cards Online Printing Mistakes to Avoid

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Business cards are an excellent way to open new doors for your business. Usually, when you meet someone at a networking event, meeting, conference, or even at a coffee shop where it might be easy to exchange contact details in the hope of a business relationship in the future. These situations are where handing out business cards would be useful. They are an efficacious marketing tool. 

But when it comes to business cards, first impressions are everything. To avoid appearing like a professional, here are the top business cards online printing mistakes to avoid.

  • Using Poor Quality Card Material

Since first impressionsare important, a poor-quality business card implies your service or work is unorganized and poor quality. This, in turn, can repel potential customers. 

Moreover, a poor-quality paper won’t even last in the long run. If you hand out cards and they are lighter than a feather, they can be damaged simply by keeping them in their wallet. Your business cards have to be durable. Get them printed with some high-quality paper. A heavier and good-quality paper type has an appetizing quality to it. 

Do not skimp out on investing in a higher quality paper for your business card. A 300 paper is 14pt or 0.014 inches thick. This makes it feel durable and weighty. 

  • Adding Incorrect Information

One of the most obvious mistakes to avoid when you are ordering business cards is adding incorrect information. It can mean outdated contact details or a typo in your phone number or email address. Review the cards carefully before you print them to make sure everything is correct. Email addresses are particularly important to check, especially if they have double letters or many characters. Moreover, make sure that you have the right name, business title, and phone number. It can make it easier for your target customers to get in touch with you and ensure you gain all new business and retain them.

  • Adding Low-Quality Images

Your business will be represented physically by the custom business cards. In case the business cards look cheap, your recipients might associate the brand with being inferior. Poor-quality images give the impression that the company offers poor products and services. 

Low-quality images on the business cards will reflect poorly on the work of your business. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential clients. If your customers receive business cards with pixelated images, it will make a bad impression. 

  • Making Grammatical Errors

Another mistake you should avoid is making grammatical errors. Check your business card for proper capitalization, unless you are excluding upper or lower care letters for branding reasons, punctuation, and consistency. For instance, if you opt for odd formatting, font sizes or capitalization, ensure the content is consistent throughout the business card. Grammatical errors will detract from your credibility. Business cards often are your first chance to show others your personality, work, or style. Keeping the content error-free, clear, and easytoread will assure your potential customers of your legitimacy and professionalism. 

  • Not Making Use of the Back of the Card

The back of the business card offers an incredible opportunity to add additional information about the brand. but it often gets overlooked or forgotten about. To make sure using the business card to its full potential you can include your logo, USP, or QR code on the back of the card. 

The back of the business card also offers an excellent opportunity to display your creativity. You can use print finishing techniques for highlight the logo and help the business card stand out from the crowd. 

  • Poor Color Choices

The colors you are using on the business card can influence its overall appearance. Coordinating the colors can make it more memorable and give the recipients an insight into the brand. Go for colors that complement one another and are visually pleasing. It should also improve readability.

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