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Things to do in New York

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With so many of us in the tourism business preparing for the globe to open up, it’s no surprise that some of the most popular hotels in major cities across the world are already booked for 2022 and 2023. It’s hardly surprising that this is in many top 9 lists of cities to visit, as there are several reasons to visit New York City all year.

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Visit All Five Boroughs

Many New Yorkers will tell you that you must visit all five boroughs to obtain the whole New York experience. In Queens, you’ll find a diverse range of restaurants, each with its own distinct flavour. And it’s not only local foods; Queens is well recognised and adored for its diverse assortment of international cuisine. You won’t get tired of all the varied cuisine experiences there, which include Italian, Greek, American, Polish, Turkish, and many more. The New York Botanical Gardens are in the Bronx and are a beautiful spot full of life and colour in the midst of a towering city. There’s also the Bronx Zoo to keep the natural feeling going.

Museums and Art Galleries

New York is for many reasons, but one of them is its artistic prowess and talent. It’s also a terrific setting for some huge, fascinating museums, and it’s a must-see if you’re seeking for some calm contemplation and magnificent surroundings. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is by far the most well-known of New York’s creative exhibits. It has a spiralling series of floors and a massive, gorgeous skylight that lets in enough of light to bathe the space. Being within is a thrilling sensation.

The Skyscrapers

Walking around the metropolis to see all the tall skyscrapers is one of the typical attractions of the New York metropolis that is humbling after your trek along Broadway from Hotel Edison. After that, scaling them (from the inside, of course) is not for those who are afraid of heights. The Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building are the most well-known, although they are far from the only ones. But, we recommend that you do not overlook the Empire State Building. It’s incredible to be at the top of such an ancient and magnificent structure. 

Brooklyn Bridge & Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bridge has to be one of New York City’s most iconic and breathtaking views. Not only is it a travel from one borough to another, but it is also a journey over the vast East River. Along with many other iconic sights, this is a recognizable part of the New York skyline, and it has been in a variety of media and films. Though many films and television shows set in New York are usually shot in the streets of another American city, the Brooklyn Bridge is such an iconic part of the city’s skyline that footage of it is in wide shots to help audiences identify New York.

Live Music & Sport Events

It’s no wonder that this is one of our top reasons to visit New York City, given its reputation for the arts and sports teams. There isn’t a type of gig or concert you won’t be able to find in New York City, from huge names to local bands, drag performances, outdoor music, bar music, and more. You’re always going to be around the corner from something no matter what district or borough you’re staying in. It’s an exciting prospect and one of the many draws of such a well-liked city.

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Times Square

If you’re visiting New York City, you can’t miss out on seeing Times Square. Being smack in the middle of one of the most recognised places in the United States, and featured in some excellent films, will be experiencing. It’s true that it’s not a favourite among many residents. We’d compare it to being inside a science fiction world like Bladerunner or Ghost in the Shell. We also encourage visiting at different times of the day, as the darkness of the night underlines how dazzling and vivid this site is.


If there is one thing that New York is well-known for, it is cuisine. If you want one of these reasons to visit New York City to persuade you, this is my personal choice. After all, New York-style pizza exists for a reason. You’ll want to spend your entire holiday taste-testing the many cuisines available in New York’s five boroughs. The large size of the cuisine is a trademark of the United States, but it is in New York. 

Central Park and Prospect Park

If you’re searching for some greenery among the city streets, a trip to Central Park or Prospect Park is a terrific way to spend a day. Bring your pets, a picnic, and a camera, because Central Park is gorgeous and home to many iconic places. Central Park, located in the heart of Manhattan, was in 1858 and has survived wars and many notable lives. It is not only a beautiful park, but also a historical site. 

Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island

We couldn’t finish this list without including one of the most well-known reasons to visit New York City. Without a question, the Statue of Liberty is one of the reasons many people visit New York City, and a tour of Ellis Island is a magnificent excursion. Of course, the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom for the United States, and you can see it at your leisure from the comfort of a boat on the Hudson River. 

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