Elements that Make Great Trade Show Products

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Ensuring that you stand out in the trade show is important to make it a success for your business. Your exhibit designs have to be unique but you also have to ascertain that the message you want to send is memorable and clear- one that when someone walks by it, they know instantly how the brand can help them. 

To optimize your trade show products and make the event successful, there are a few elements you need to consider. 

  • Keep Only One Goal in Mind

The first thing you should ask yourself when you begin the design process of the products for the event tent is your goal. No matter whether you are increasing brand awareness, promoting a new product, or pushing a new campaign, you should have the answer. 

You want to know the goal but make sure it is limited to one goal. If you have more than one goal, it can mess up the rest of the design process. When you keep your goal limited, it will make sure that the design stays clear and focused. You want people to walk from the trade show booth knowing your brand message and how you can help them. 

  • Create Your Brand Story

You and your staff know what your brand is about but how to convey that to target customers with visuals? 

Telling the story of your brand can be as simple as a slogan and logo, or it can be more elaborate and add the history of your brand. it isn’t always simple but you can work with professionals to convey your story effectively. 

Keep in mind that the exhibit and booth have to be honed and you want it to connect with the audience and pull them to the custom event tents to learn more. The visuals you are creating will attract someone passing by the trade show display. 

  • Make It Interactive

It is effective to have a passive display during the trade show but engaging the target audience with interactive trade show products is even better. This doesn’t, however, mean creating a video or just keeping some sample products, it can also mean creating some activities and fun displays. 

In case you have ever been to a trade show event as an attendee, you likely collated a lot of pamphlets and giveaways while walking through the convention hall. You might also have entered to win prizes or played games to win a better handout. 

Even if you simply wanted a t-shirt, you are more likely to remember the company name and what the brand is all about and you can do the same for the business. exposure plays a crucial role for the brand. so, you should be creative and consider something interactive to add to the booth design. 

  • Be Careful About the White Space

White space plays an important role when you design trade show products. Hence, you shouldn’t be afraid of using it. Adding more colors to the products does not mean they will stand out more. As a matter of fact, adding too many colors might make the booth stand out for the wrong reasons. 

Covering the whole surface of the trade show product with photos might be overwhelming for target customers to look at but with a creative design, you can draw in people with a simple glance. White space helps the design breathe and gives wandering eyes a break away from bold colors. Just keep in mind that do not overdesign and keep it simple. 

  • Choose Bright and Bold Colors

While it might seem just the opposite of the advice we gave in the previous points, using bold and bright colors in the right way can be efficacious when balanced with adequate white space. 

Based on the brand, using cool colors has a more professional and calming vibe. At the same time, using warmer and brighter colors can be more attractive but can also be overwhelming when used excessively. No matter the color you choose, you will want the business to stand out. Thus, try to avoid too many muted or neutral color tones.

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