How To Legally Change The Colour Of Your Bike In India

How To Legally Change The Colour Of Your Bike In India

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In India’s vibrant biking culture landscape, the desire to personalize and stand out is a sentiment shared by many riders. One avenue of self-expression often explored is changing the colour of one’s bike. However, navigating the process of legally changing the colour of your motorcycle in India involves more than just aesthetics; it requires an understanding of the legal procedures and documentation. In this guide, we delve into the steps and considerations involved in legally changing the colour of your bike, shedding light on crucial aspects such as bike insurance, bike insurance renewal, the bike insurance calculator, and the essential bike insurance claim process.

Are you thinking of painting your two-wheeler a different colour? It is a reasonably straightforward process to carry out legally. Continue reading to learn the exact steps involved.

Sample Colour

The first step would be to visit your local RTO (Regional Transport Office or Road Transport Office) with a colour sample of the shade you want to paint your two-wheeler. Remember to bring your registration certificate (RC).

Completing Forms

The NAMV form (notice of alteration to a motor vehicle) must then be completed and submitted to the appropriate authorities. This is also available for online download. The RTO authorities may even briefly examine your car’s current colour before signing off on the change.

Paint Over

You can repaint your two-wheeler to the shade sampled at the RTO now that you have the approval. To prevent damage, make sure you use high-quality materials.


For the next verification stage, bring the newly painted bike or scooter and all your documentation back to the RTO. This step guarantees that the RTO’s directives follow all procedures.

Once the RTO officer has completed the verification and approval, have the appropriate official record of the changes in your RC book. With peace of mind, you can now enjoy your sleeker-looking bike!

As you embark on the journey of transforming your bike’s colour within the legal framework of India, it’s imperative to consider the protective shield that insurance offers parallelly. Beyond the aesthetic appeal of a new colour, the safety net provided by bike insurance remains paramount. Whether you’re in the initial stages of bike ownership or contemplating a change, integrating the importance of insurance into your biking journey ensures that every ride is not just a style statement but a secure and responsible exploration.

The significance of insurance goes beyond meeting legal obligations. It provides financial protection in case of accidents, damages, or unforeseen events. Bike insurance renewal ensures that your coverage remains up-to-date, while a bike insurance calculator helps you assess and customize your policy according to your needs. Familiarizing yourself with the bike insurance claim process is equally important, as it ensures a smooth and efficient procedure in case you need to avail yourself of your insurance benefits. *

So, as you navigate the path of changing your bike’s colour, remember that the actual colour of a rider’s journey is painted with the brushstrokes of comprehensive bike insurance, ensuring that each ride is a harmonious blend of style and security.

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